FINALLY!!! Honey & Aloe Soap Is Here!

Buttercups, the moment you've all been waiting for has FINALLY come! Our NEW face soap has made it's debut and I'm loving every bit of it. Our honey and aloe soap acts as a face cleanser to help wash away any dirt or impurities from the day. In need of a gentle face cleanser? Look no further!

Spill the Tea!

Now, I have EXTREMELY dry and sensitive skin that will just sometimes break out, and I won't even know what triggered it. A week ago, my skin became very dry during one of my nightly routines and I noticed dark, dry patches/spots beginning to form on my face. I said aw helllllllllll naw lol. So, I grabbed one of the soap bars and redid my routine, and hoped that the next day my skin would calm down lol. Thankfully, it did and it was very noticeable for me. Since then, I've used this soap both day and night, followed up with a safe face scrub for exfoliation or just sprayed a toner, and then moisturized with serums and our signature face butter. My skin texture has evened out for sure and I just love it as a face cleanser period!


So, this item has been highly inquired about and honestly, I hesitated to release it because it may or may not help others skin the way it helped mine. Of course our picture is proof that it got the job done for us. BUT we have to accept the possibility that others may not have the same results. Therefore, I would like to give a disclaimer and state that this soap is intended for cleansing purposes only.

But I mean HELL, it's one of the few face cleansers I can use because of how sensitive my skin is anyways. And for that, it's still one of the best ways you can invest in your skin and in yourself really. It produces the right amount of lather, my skin doesn't feel super dry afterward or anything. It leaves me feeling calm and refreshed and ready to lock in some moisture. The site will have samples available for $2.50 and full size bars for only $8.50. Be sure to add it to your cart and see how it works for you, because my skin loves it!

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