India, why aren't you restocking everything!

Buttercups, as you all know, we have been looking forward to restocking your favorite beauty items. Unfortunately, we are still in the middle of a pandemic which has delayed the arrival of our containers, ingredients, equipment etc. All of which has only allowed us to do a mini restock until we receive all of our shipments. This has been a challenging time as a business owner and person period. But we appreciate you all so much for your continuous support, patience and loyalty.

With that being said, everything is in stock like we mentioned on social media before, BUT in limited quantities. So, some of your favorite scents may already be sold out. Or, there may only be one more left waiting for you. Either way, head over to our website and see what's still available and get it while you can.

In other news, we are happy to announce that we have finally received updates on our shipments and Buttercups, THE BAG IS IN! We will be dedicating the next few weeks to production to actually give you the restock you deserve! So stay tuned, and shop while you can. But be ready to revisit the site in the next coming weeks so you can stock up on all you body goodies.

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