Buttercups, we've been on a roll while quarantined and have formulated so many new products. We've used this time to research, experiment and be creative. We can't wait to release them all so you can try them. When formulating, our goal is to always produce products that makes sense as it relates to our brand. Basically, we're trying to give you a collection of items that go together okay! We can be your one stop shop for body goods!

Yesterday we dropped our NEW fragrance roll ons AND the Peaches&Cream collection. Our mini fragrance roll ons are great for you to apply your favorite scents from our collection, right onto your pulse points with precision. You can apply it to

your wrists, neck/chest, behind your ears, around your ankles and wherever else! Fragrance roll ons are available in EVERY scent so you can have a matching set.

As far as the Peaches&Cream scent goes, well that was brought to you by popular demand. Hints of coconut, milk and peaches is the perfect go to since it's warmer outside. This scent will be available in the following collections: body sugar scrubs, body butter frostings and fragrance roll ons. And don't forget, you still need to gift your mother for Mother's Day. We got you covered with our $30 Peaches&Cream bundle deal. You'll receive a body scrub, body butter and fragrance roll on. I promise she'll love you to peaches lol.

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