"The Dessert for Your Body"

Buttercreme Beauty is a skin care collection that aims to promote self-love and self-care. Our products target skin sensitivity and eczema prone skin. Treat yourself because we are the dessert for your body serving face, lip and body food for every mood!

Let the products
come to you.

Thanks buttercup!

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All I have to say is your money will not go to waste! Her products are so good. She takes her time making and packaging the product. I’m obsessed. 11/10


As a guy, I typically don't care for skincare too much but these products are so good for my skin. Have me feeling extra moisturized and soft lol plus the scents are light enough for me to still wear cologne.


Very happy with my products and the customer service! The whipped body butter literally melts into my skin after my shower. I follow up with the body icing lotion in the morning for extra hydrated, and yummy smelling skin. I love how light and airy the products are. I can’t wait to build up my stock and try new products. I will not use anything other than this now. Thanks Buttercreme Beauty for perfecting my skin care routine.


I absolutely LOVE the body butter. LITERALLY feels like butter on my skin. It’s very rich and thick and leaves your skin VERY moisturized. The scent it gives makes me fall in love with myself every time I put it on.  These are now my new favorite skin care products . Keep up the great work .